Vacation Home Property Management Services

We are the ONLY onsite rental program.  We offer 1, 2 3 and 4 bedroom condo's from gulf front to shoreline.  By renting through the Regency rental program, you have the advantage of on-site maintenance and housekeeping services. This alone can free up your time of not having to call numerous numbers to get maintenance or housekeeping issues handled more expediently.   We also offer incentives for renting through us, such as no charge for children using water slides on water slide Wednesdays.  Our staff is here to answer and questions you may have or direct you to the appropriate person to help you.  You have multiple units to choose from, when renting from the on-site Management Company and you do not have to go to off site offices to pick up keys, car passes etc.  Come directly to the front desk and all your paperwork, keys etc., will be here. Units are gulf front to shoreline, which still have fantastic views down the beach.  Let us take all the extra work out of booking your reservation, by booking through the on-site rental program. 

February 22, 2017


ATTENTION!! ATTENTION!!! If you have rented any of the following Regency Tower units, from an outside agency, please contact Regency Towers directly at 800-874-8825 IMMEDIATELY, as we have taken over management of the units here at the on-site rental agency. You NO LONGER have a reservation with the outside agency, if the unit you were booked for is on the list posted below. We do not want people showing up, with no room to check into, so if you find the unit you are confirmed to be booked for at the Regency, on this list, PLEASE call us ASAP. Units now managed by the on-site rental office:
214, 225, 322, 608, 611, 622, 812, 908, 918, 1022, 1112, 1125, 1316, 1320
Please share this with your everyone, all friends and help us to reach people who are totally unaware of these circumstances.